I wanted to look younger!

But the thought of Botox and fillers just didn't gel with my low tox lifestyle....

So when I came across the microcurrent facial rejuvenation protocol I knew I had to bring it to Perth.  I knew there were women (and men!) like me. They wanted to turn back time on their looks but not at the risk of their health.

In March 2019 I headed over to Calgary, Canada to undergo training to become a Microcurrent Technician and pick up the Accu-O-Matic microcurrent machine. This machine is used in a clinical setting for non-needle acupuncture and to treat issues like TMJ, Bell's Palsy and other muscular re-education needs.

The treatment is safe and effective and very affordable compared to invasive surgical and cosmetic procedures.

I want to help you regain your youthful looks and enhance what you've been born with so that you can feel more confident and energetic.

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